Lighting studies

Hellenic LED Industry staff offers complete lighting simulations - studies according to the most demanding lighting standards and specifications. Our aim is to offer a complete and satisfactory solution with the lowest energy consumption possible.


More than one possible scenarios are being presented in each lighting simulation delivering different energy saving level according to the budget available from the customer.


Interior lighting


When conducting a lighting simulation, one of the basic principles that we take into account is to take full advantage of the surrounding light of the area such as daylight. Hellenic LED Industry aims at taking advantage of all the new energy saving technological improvements in the Lighting field. Motion, presence and natural sensors together with automation systems for buildings can be combined with a simple lighting study and increase the energy saving levels.


Moreover all the lighting studies of Hellenic LED Industry are followed by budget calculations for the installation, operation and maintenance cost of these suggested scenarios. The amortisation time is being calculated precisely for any intervention in the lighting system of a building.  


The customer can send the floor plan of the building in .dwg form in order to perform the lighting study more precisely. For larger or complex areas, we suggest site visit of our personnel in order to record in detail the needs and requirements of the client. This way we can assess better the current lighting situation and the changes that need to be done.


Outdoor Lighting 


Lighting studies of outdoor areas have many differences compared to indoor. Lighting a street or a square at night has two main requirements: the need for the pedestrians to feel safer in their neighbourhood and the need for safety in transportation. 


Hellenic LED Industry creates lighting studies for all kinds of outdoor areas as well as for tunnels. The well trained personnel of our company suggests more than one lighting scenarios according to the relevant budget and the requirements of the project.





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